The Dance WE Made (2012 - Present)

The Dance WE Made brings dance to the public in wonderful new ways
— The New York Times
It’s a creative project that not only draws attention to public space and how we inhabit it, but exemplifies the creative force in each and every one of us.
— The Huffington Post

The Dance WE Made is the Record Breaking interactive dance performance that invites YOU to be the choreographer – no experience required! The project roams public spaces, inviting members of the public to devise original choreography in collaboration with UK based dancer and choreographer Tim Casson. The newly created dances are then performed by Tim and The Dance WE Made Team in each location, filmed, and posted online for the world to see!

Since starting as part of ‘Big Dance’ in 2012, The Dance WE Made has taken place at nearly 35 iconic locations across London and New York including Canary Wharf, Chinatown, The Brooklyn Bridge and Glastonbury Festival. The project has worked with nearly 1500 people to create nearly 100 unique dances, and the online videos have had over 25,000 views so far.

In 2012 the project set a New World Record with '152' - the dance piece with the largest number of choreographers ever created.

Now in it's 6th season - the project continues into 2017 and beyond with even more dancers!