Tamed (2014)

'Tamed' is a collaboration with composer and LSO Soundhub Associate Artist, Maxim Boon.

Set to a powerful new string quintet by Boon, the work puts the performers on stage with the five musicians to explore what happens when we try to tame the untameable. Can the prey befriend it's predator?

Part of the evening 'Flock' presenting work by Joe Garbett, Mari Frogner and Visual Artist Simon Allen.

Premiered : Part of the evening 'Flock' 
July 2014 as Part of InTRANSIT Festival


  • Choreographed, Directed and Performed by Tim Casson with Daniela B Larsen
  • Score by Maxim Boon
  • Production Design by Helen Scarlett O'Neill
  • Premiering 21st July 2014 as part of InTRANSIT Festival
  • Duration 20 Minutes
  • Photography by Lee Faircloth / CleverPrime