#FriendsFriday 43 - Andrew Gardiner

Andy in motion!

Andy in motion!

Rehearsals were all a bit much for Andy...

Rehearsals were all a bit much for Andy...



How are you/have you been involved with Casson & Friends?

I have recently joined Night At The Theatre as a performer for the 2018 tour. Along the way I will also be learning how to deliver Casson & Friends workshops and The Dance We Made.

What do you love about dance?

I think that because there is always something to discover and work on I don’t easily get bored as with other things. It’s a passion where you really can follow your own interest within a wider context.

What song always makes you dance?

212 by Azealia Banks (its a little explicit) but it just never fails.

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What else are you working on at the moment? (Upcoming performances, exciting projects, holidays!)

My biggest project this year is my Wedding that will happen in France in June. 

For work I will be rejoins Protein Dance and the work Border Tales that will be touring nationally in the UK and also internationally to Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Romania amongst others.

I have just finished a project with Curious Seed in Scotland called teenage trilogy also as a performer, this is set to tour autumn 2018. I will be back with Zoielogic Dance Theatre for upcoming works and artistic assistance.

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