#FriendsFriday 37 - LO:CUS Dance Theatre

How are you involved with Casson & Friends?

We are LO:CUS Dance Theatre, an all female dance company based in Hull. We were selected to be one of Hull Dance's 'emerging artists'. Through this opportunity we were able to choose a mentor to help us with the choreographic and community outreach elements of this project. We met Tim earlier this year at Yorkshire Dance's, Dance Transports weekend and felt that he was the perfect match for the support we needed! 

What do you love about dance?

As cliche as it sounds, dance really does bring people together! We all met at our local professional class and not only have we made our company but we are all really good friends now. Other obvious things are that it's fun, exhilarating, liberating and allows you to communicate!

What song always makes you dance?

We can't stop listening to the Hot 8 Brass Bands cover of 'Sexual Healing', it's great and just really gets us in the 'dance zone'! 

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What are you working on at the moment? (Upcoming performances, exciting projects, holidays!)

We are currently working on our emerging artist piece, 'Whistle a Storm' which will be performed at the Hull Dance Prize on the 23rd of November. Alongside this, we are curating a workshop project with two different community youth groups; who will be performing alongside ourselves at the emerging artist platform later in January 2017. There are lots of exciting things coming up in Hull over the coming year with the City of Culture happening in 2017. Whilst working as a part of LO:CUS, each of us work independently as free lance dance and community artists, continually engaging in professional development via various dance/ arts based projects or study. 

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Tim with the LO:CUS Girls with their composer Joe Roper

Tim with the LO:CUS Girls with their composer Joe Roper

Images from LO:CUS Dance's 'The Worst Day Since'

Images from LO:CUS Dance's 'The Worst Day Since'