#FriendsFriday 36 - Seb Lee-Delisle

How are you involved with Casson & Friends?

We've been working together for a year or two to develop interesting ways to figure out how we can use technology to encourage audiences to actively engage with dance. We've had a few R&D sessions, now culminating in our first trial of a new show "Choreocracy" where the audience gets to influence the dancers in real time through their mobile phones. It's a really fun show, and Tim and I both share a desire to make work that is as entertaining, unpretentious and accessible as possible.

What do you love about dance?

In modern society it's not usually the done thing to express ourselves physically. There's more talking than moving, and I spend most of my time sat typing at my computer! So it can be incredibly powerful to see people using their bodies to convey emotion. It's such a joy to work with dancers, it's so different from the people I usually work with. 

What song always makes you dance?

Ohhhh too many to choose from. I was a bass player in a band for many years so I am a groove fanatic. Le Freak by Chic is a favourite - the long instrumental in the middle with the driving bass from Bernard Edwards. Amazing :) 

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What are you working on at the moment? (Upcoming performances, exciting projects, holidays!)

I have a new stage show called Hacked On Classics, it's a really fun celebration of retro technology, given a modern makeover using cutting edge technology. Oh and lasers, lots of lasers. I talk about how classic old games and gadgets worked, stuff like the original Asteroids game, Casio VL-Tone keyboard and Nintendo Zapper gun (which I've fitted with a powerful laser). It's part of the official closing celebrations for the Brighton Digital Festival and it's at The Old Market in Hove on the 28th September. Tickets at hackedonclassics.com

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Joyful Genius Seb Lee-Delisle

Joyful Genius Seb Lee-Delisle

The Dancers in rehearsal for  #Choreocracy

The Dancers in rehearsal for #Choreocracy

Seb's Project  Pixel Pyros  (He loves a laser!)

Seb's Project Pixel Pyros (He loves a laser!)