#FriendsFriday 34 - Joe Garbett

How are you/have you been involved with Casson & Friends?

I am part of Choreocracy – the unpredictable, high tech and thrilling dance event controlled and chosen by the public. I am one of three dancers that will be performing in the first stages of the project that aims to create a truly democratic performance event. As a performer we have to be on our toes and ready for the viewer to channel hop to the next dance programme. The R & D week forced me to dig up talents lost along the way and spend afternoons talking about the movement technique of a dinosaur. 

What do you love about dance?

So many things that bring entertainment in life these days rely on being plugged in, or paying to update or enhance the experience. Moving/dancing with your body is something that you have pure control over – it is your brain that controls the subconscious improvised decisions and your life/daily experience is what responds and takes over. When the connections from brain to body are seamless and this primal force takes over, it is the most euphoric and addictive experience. 

What song always makes you dance?

Outkast – Morris Brown

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What else are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working with Made By Katie Green on 'The Imagination Museum', which is great project that attracts the general public into amazing spaces to learn and watch high quality dance and theatre work. From September I will be guest lecturer at the University of Chichester where I originally trained.

My current project No.Company, which questions whether a dance work can be created alone and performed together, will hopefully have a run of performances in October/November and plans for a new outdoor site specific work for Summer 2017 get underway. aKa Dance Theatre Company that I co-founded have exciting plans for the Autumn and Winter, potentially including a new performance platform based in the South West - so watch this space. I also will eat more Oreos than are produced and keep buying ridiculous sunglasses. 

Find out more about Joe here and more about his company aKa Dance Theatre here!

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Joe Garbett in Action

Joe Garbett in Action

More of Joe with his infamous Solo

More of Joe with his infamous Solo