#FriendsFriday 31 - Hannah Rotchell

How are you involved with Casson & Friends?

I was a member of JV2 that Tim was course leader for.  I loved the way in which he worked and we stayed in contact, eventually leading me to become involved with Casson & Friends. I'm currently involved in research for new project Choreocracy.

What do you love about dance?

I love the creativity and theatricality within dance. I love exploring new ideas and developing the older ones - the constant layering of knowledge and experiences is great. So many different companies offer something new and allow you to always keep growing as an artist and learn more about yourself. I love the multidisciplinary aspect of dance - the need to be versatile really excites me! 

What song always makes you dance? 

I have many but my top 3 would be; 

1) Proud Mary - Tina Turner
2) Dog days are over - Florence and the Machine
3) Don't stop me now - Queen 

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What are you working on at the moment? 

Well, it's different bits and pieces which is really good fun. Aside from working with C&F, I have been performing with Stopgap Dance Company in the piece, 'Bill and Bobby', a duet with Dave Toole. I will be returning in November to do a few more performances of this. I am now working with Stopgap on a project for the Torch ceremony in relation to the Paralympics, which will be performed at Stoke Mandeville stadium and aired live on Channel 4 on September 2nd 2016. I am also in the early stages of possibly taking over one of the Stopgap youth groups in Kent to become an Independant teacher of the group using Stopgaps new syllabus IRIS.  This therefore would allow me to ensure the group can develop and gain new opportunities as well as branch out to other areas in Kent about inclusive dance.  In September I will be joining Springs Dance company to tour a new work by Darren Ellis - 'The Magic Paintbrush' which will tour on an off between October 2016-March 2017. 

No holidays booked as yet, I am working on it... Maybe one in the new year... However, my partner and I are getting a new kitten which is of course very very exciting! 

Catch Hannah in Choreocracy, previewing as part of Brighton Digital Festival in September and check out a film about her inclusive teaching here!

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