#FriendsFriday 12 - Chloe B @ NSCD

Chloe B smiling away in rehearsal! (Photo: NSCD)

Chloe B smiling away in rehearsal! (Photo: NSCD)

How are you involved with Tim?

This week we are on Easter intensive at the Centre for Advanced Training scheme based at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, we are creating a piece with Tim, based on social media for our end of year show. We have used lots of different methods to create movement such as question and answer and contact work, from there we have developed our movements and ordered everything to finish the final piece. As well as that we have being doing technique/warm up work in the morning using games like 'Sound Ball' as well as improvising and learning fun movement phrases.

What do you love about dance?

I like to dance because it is an outlet for everything in my life, it helps me to express my emotions without having to sit down and talk. As well as that I like to dance because as I child I started dance classes because I couldn't sit still, so it's been something I have enjoyed doing for a very long time.

What song always makes you dance?

'I Just Wanna Live' by Good Charlotte

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